MMJ owns a diversified portfolio of cannabis sector investments.

MMJ owns 53.33 million shares in Harvest One (TSXV: HVT).

Harvest One is a global cannabis company focused on servicing both the medical and recreational cannabis markets, in Canada and internationally.

Harvest One works across the entire cannabis value chain through three business units, with Harvest One serving as the umbrella company over horticultural arm United Greeneries and medical arm Satipharm AG. Each business is strategically located in favourable jurisdictions with supportive regulatory frameworks in place. United Greeneries holds a Canadian Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) cultivation and sales license. Harvest One is one of only a few companies globally with the capacity to commercially cultivate and sell medical grade cannabis in a federally regulated environment.


MMJ owns 16.7% of Cannabis Access.

Cannabis Access is the leading online portal for medical cannabis access in Australia.

Cannabis Access makes it easier for Australian healthcare professionals to access the appropriate type of medical cannabis for their patients within the current regulatory environment by making the process of prescription faster and easier.


MMJ owns a CAD$2.5 million convertible note (with warrants) in Dosecann.

Dosecann is developing a suite of cannabis products across a variety of delivery methods for both the medical and recreational markets.

Dosecann is building a 45,000 square foot Good Manufacturing Compliance (GMP) facility to accommodate product development, extraction, formulation, filling and packaging.


MMJ owns 100% of PhytoTech Therapeutics.

PhytoTech Therapeutics is developing cannabinoids-based drug products for a variety of highly potential clinical indications utilising state-of-the-art, proprietary drug delivery technologies and formulations.

MMJ owns a CAD$2 million convertible note (with warrants) in Weed Me.

Weed Me has applied for a Canadian Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) cultivation license.

Weed Me is preparing to quickly enter the medical and recreational cannabis market in Canada and their facility has the ability to expand to 220,000 square feet of indoor growing space, supplying 40,000 kilograms of high quality cannabis to Canadians annually.


MMJ owns 2.5 million shares in eSense-Lab (ASX: ESE).

eSense-Lab specialises in the commercialisation of the phytochemical profiling of plants.

eSense-Lab combines genetics, mRNA, protein expression and phytochemical profiles to generate a comprehensive model of rare or high value plants. eSense-Lab can then use this model to ‘reverse engineer’ a terpene profile, which is a naturally occurring formulation of different individual terpenes which together account for many of the plant’s health and medical benefits, whilst also exactly replicating the flavour, fragrance and other desired characteristics of the targeted plant, at a more sustainable and cheaper cost.


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