MMJ owns a diversified portfolio of cannabis sector investments.

Harvest One is a global cannabis company focused on servicing both the medical and recreational cannabis markets, in Canada and internationally.

Harvest One operates with three business units: United Greeneries, Satipharm and Dream Water.

Harvest One is to acquire PhytoTech Therapeutics from MMJ, subject to MMJ shareholder approval.


Cannabis Access is the leading online portal for medical cannabis access in Australia.  Cannabis Access makes it easier for Australian healthcare professionals to access the appropriate type of medical cannabis for their patients within the current regulatory environment by making the process of prescription faster and easier.



Cannabis Access Clinics was recently established with two clinics (Sydney and Melbourne) providing an end-to-end service for people to access medical cannabis.  Patient consults are underway, multiple approvals have been issued by the TGA and medicine has been dispensed to patientsPlans are being made to roll-out a network of clinics across the rest of Australia in the coming months.


PhytoTech Therapeutics is developing cannabinoids-based drug products for a variety of highly potential clinical indications utilising state-of-the-art, proprietary drug delivery technologies and formulations.

PhytoTech Therapeutics is to be sold by MMJ to Harvest One, subject to MMJ shareholder approval.

Weed Me is a Licensed Producer under the Canadian Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR).

Weed Me is preparing to quickly enter the medical and recreational cannabis market in Canada and their facility has the ability to expand to 220,000 square feet of indoor growing space, supplying 40,000 kilograms of high quality cannabis to Canadians annually.


Based in Edmonton, Canada, Fire & Flower is a corporate retail store, specialising in elevating Canadian cannabis products through experiential strategies and education-based programming. The company is poised to serve customers across Canada, in provinces where private retailing of cannabis is permitted. Fire & Flower plans to open 37 retail locations in the province of Alberta alone once permitted by regulatory bodies.

Founded by leading legal cannabis entrepreneurs, Fire & Flower’s leadership team carries extensive experience in launching successful businesses and 20 years in the legal cannabis space. The company is well versed in the national legalisation of cannabis and is actively influencing the evolution of the new cannabis industry across Canada.


Martha Jane Medical holds an Australian medical cannabis licence for research purposes and is progressing applications for other classes of Australian cannabis licences.

Subject to future funding rounds and licensing, Martha Jane Medical aims to design and construct a world class growing, extract and manufacturing facility and export high value cannabis-based products and medicines globally.


Bien Ventures (“Bien”) is based in Calgary, Canada and is an intellectual property and manufacturing company.

Bien is focused on building the intellectual property for its formulation of soluble, odourless and flavourless “micro-dosed” CBD and THC powders.


BevCanna Enterprises Inc. (“BevCanna”) is based in Vancouver, Canada and intends to become a fully vertically-integrated premium-based cannabis infused beverage manufacturer.  Specifically, BevCanna aims to operate as a white label, end-to-end producer of CBD and THC beverages.

With future funding rounds, BevCanna will build out its manufacturing facility, subject to a licensing arrangement, on the site of a premium alkaline spring water source and bottling facility at Bridesville, BC owned by The Naturo Group Investments (“Naturo Group”).  Naturo Group owns Trace (tracebeverages.com) and Naturo Aqua (naturoaqua.com) beverage product lines which are currently sold in over 3,000 retail locations across North America.

BevCanna’s web site is coming soon.

MediPharm Labs, based in Barrie, Ontario owns Canada’s largest medical cannabis oil production facility that will support 100,000kg of annual dry cannabis processing.  The company is strongly positioned to capitalise on Canadian medical cannabis oil market sales growth, both for domestic patients and for export.  The company also owns a majority share in MediPharm Labs Australia, based in Wonthaggi Victoria, whose cannabis manufacturing license application has been lodged.


Embark Health Inc (“Embark Health”), based in Delta BC, Canada, is aiming to build a state-of-the-art THC, CBD, and CBG extraction facility to service Canada’s medical and recreational cannabis markets, subject to further funding rounds. They are applying to Health Canada to become a Licensed Dealer and are focused on producing and selling high margin products including cannabis edibles, vapes, creams, and pills.

Embark Health’s web site is coming soon.

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